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Seeking the Ultimate Guitar Tone

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I love recording in the studio and could spend endless hours seeking the ultimate guitar tone. I am not always completely satisfied with the guitar tones I achieve in the studio but on the single “Don’t Throw Stones” I was stoked with the results and thought I would share how I achieved this tone.

First off, I’m into the  old school guitar approach. A great sounding amp with the right mics and a sweet sounding preamp equals the ultimate tone.  There was no guitar plug in, amp simulator, or virtual effects used here.

I used my Mesa Boogie F30 amp with a vintage Silver tone extension cab; a  Paul Reed Smith 20th anniversary McCarty guitar and my M13 Line 6 floor pedal.

The mic choices on the Mesa was a Royer 121 ribbon mic, the classic Shure sm57, and two Audix i5 mics on the Silver tone extension cab. I used a Presonus ADL600 tube preamp on the Royer and the Shure  sm57 and a Focusrite Red1 on the Audix mics.

After I tracked the 4 guitar mics I panned them hard left and blended the tracks according to taste. I then played another rhythm guitar track slightly changing the tone nob on the PRS guitar and  recorded 4 more tracks. I panned them hard right and again blended the mics to taste and there’s my rhythm tone. With all the guitar tracks panned hard left and right it creates a huge guitar tone leaving a nice hole down the middle for the vocals to exist.

I will keep you posted on my latest studio set ups and let you know whenever I find that ultimate guitar tone!

Thanks for checking out my new site.

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Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my new site. I’m excited about the recent upgrades to the site and thanks to Rob Mulligan and the guys at Capacity Productions for all there great work. I will work on adding more content and songs along the way. If you like what you hear let me know.

Coming this fall is a blog “Gorilla Recording Techniques at Home”. It will discuss various techniques used on the album as well as tips, tricks, gear, room treatment, and much more. I will also tell you about my favorite sites and the blogs out there that you might also like to follow.

If you love music and have appreciation for good sounding home recordings this might be the blog for you. Thanks for checking me out. I hope you enjoy.

Welcome to my new site!

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The guys over at capacityproductions.net set up this new site for me so I can keep you guys up on the latest news. So stay tuned…